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Participation Games

To keep you busy at other times (and between games for those playing in an event) there are Participation Games you can join in with. They include these Participation Games:-

The Battle of Ceresole (11 April 1544) Twilight of the Italian Wars.

The Battle of Ceresole was an agreed battle between the French army of Francis I and the Spanish-Imperial Habsburg army of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in the Italian War of 1542-1546 in the Italian region of Piedmont. It is known for the “great slaughter” that took place when the columns of arquebusiers and pikemen met in the center and demonstrated that heavy cavalry still had an important role on the battlefield that was largely dominated by the emerging infantry of pikemen and arquebusiers. Battle was notable as it pitted Lansknechts, Swiss, Gendarmes and the emerging Spanish Tercios in one of the last major Italian Wars confrontations.

Game will be played on the Saturday 10-5pm using Sword & Pistol (our Renaissance variant of Sword & Spear), in 25mm. Interested onlookers are encouraged to join and throw some dice, approach the man wearing the hat (Zel).

Blood on the Sands

Blood on the Sands is a dynamic game of one on one gladiatorial combat played out on a hex-grid arena. Players must manage a pool of ACTION Dice that allows them to control their gladiator’s ability to manoeuvre, maintain endurance, defend from, and attack, their opponents. Players alternate activating their gladiators until conditions to end the combat are met. Defeated gladiators will likely have to appeal to the crowd for their mercy, if they haven’t already suffered a mortal wound.

The game will be running on Saturday between 10-5pm. Drop by for a chat, play a few rounds, or if you have the time, fight out a complete combat (approx. 45min).