Participation Games @ ShireCon 2024

One Page Rules

Are you looking at getting into tabletop wargaming but don’t know where to start? Or are you a seasoned grognard looking for another challenge or maybe even to reuse those models sitting on your shelf collecting dusk?

Come check out OPR (onepagerules) at ShireCon where we will walk you through what’s required, the rules and even demo a game.

OPR is the home of a number of tabletop wargaming rulesets designed to be fast to learn and easy to play. Games range from small skirmish games through to grand battles of armies or fleets in space. The rules are simple, free and all games are miniature agnostic, designed to be played with any miniatures you have on hand. At ShireCon we will be showcasing the OPR skirmish games which are small, fast paced battles in either a science fiction (Grimdark Future FireFight) or fantasy (Age of Fantasy Skirmish).

No need to bring anything. We will have some miniatures, dice and terrain on hand to use for any demo games.

Swords and Spears – Saturday

Come see all the Pomp and Glory of the Late 15thC Italian Wars as
men in Puffy Pants and Full Armour battle it out. In Glorius 28mm using a Sword and
Spear Variant Ruleset.

Any Queries or Interest please email

By Fire and Sword II – Sunday

Phil and Zel will take people through games of By Fire and Sword II.
The rules are released, the Kickstarter troops are on the way so come join our
fledgling Sydney group. We hope to have three games going so a chance to try
before you buy-in.

Any Queries or Interest please email

Blood on the Sands – Saturday 20th

Blood on the Sands is a historically inspired skirmish game designed to allow players to engage in exciting one on one gladiatorial combats with miniatures. The game has been in development for some time and has featured at MOAB and ShireCon in years past. Dare to step into the arena? There is no need to sign up, just come over to the table and ask for a game. Will you emerge victorious, or will your blood stain the sands?

Ninth Age Fantasy Battles – Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st

Come down and try out 9th Age Fantasy Battles at ShireCon. My daughter and I will be running participation games on Saturday and Sunday from 9-12:30pm. Families and kids welcome.

Maintained by hundreds of passionate players from all over the world since 2015, The 9th Age is a free fantasy tabletop miniatures wargame designed for everyone. The World of The 9th Age lets you create your army from one of the 16 official factions, drawing its inspiration from Warhammer 8th edition. Each faction offers its own unique experience, with units and playstyles based on a rich background lore. Each faction can be played with models from any manufacturer.

Click here to download the Ninth Age Fantasy Battles Info Pack