Welcome to ShireCon 2024 2nd Hand Stall, important information follows

An important 2nd Hand Stall Update

To improve the service, we provide to our Sellers and Buyers we have been trialling a few consignment software packages.

We are now using `ConsignCloud’ which is cloud-based retail and point of sale software.

The advantages include increased reliability, ease of use, cloud-base storage and increased access for our Sellers.

How it works, a Seller completes the Bring and Buy Sellers form and uploads it to us. We create an account for that user using name, address, email, and phone number. The financial details are not supplied to ConsignCloud.

We use ConsignCloud to manage sales and inventory, generate inventory lists and process sales.

Note: Placing items for sale in the Bring and Buy Stall is an acceptance of all terms and conditions.

The Sutherland Shire Gamers are members of the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Club. Like you we are gamers who enjoy a range of table top games, we run 3 events the MOAB convention (which includes our Bring and Buy), ShireCon (which also includes our Bring and Buy) and the Second Hand Stall at the CANCON convention.

  • We run these events to raise funds for our club and as a service to our fellow gamers, we are all volunteers.
  • We do not have the resources to inspect and verify that each item on a Sellers list has been submitted, that the description provided is accurate or that the condition of the item is as described or inferred.
  • We do not have the resources to provide comprehensive surveillance of the event or its patrons because of the intense level of activity that occurs in a relatively short period of time and confined space.
  • Accordingly, Sellers who place items for sale in either of our stalls do so at their own risk we do not accept responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any item.

Information to note for Sellers

  • We will be continuing our MULTI DAY PRICING OPTION; this is optional.
  • Because we are accepting card payments, all payments to a Seller will be done by bank transfer.

Information to note for Buyers

  • We do accept credit and debit cards, as well as cash
  • Buyers are responsible for ensuring that the items they purchase are as described.
  • In the interest of increasing security NO BAGS of any type including and not restricted to Backpacks, Shopping bags and plastic bags that have any contents in them are allowed inside the bring and buy stall. Bags may be left at your own risk at our storage area which will be manned at the entrance of the Bring and Buy Stall OR you can make other arrangements. As always, ALL bags must be presented for inspection prior to leaving the stall.

This form was created using, and works best with, Microsoft Excel. There is also a Google Sheets version available, click the button below and make a copy. You can use any other spreadsheet editing program, once you have filled out the form simply rename it to include your name and upload.

Seller lists can be uploaded online from the 18th March until 5pm Friday 19th April.

Seller lists can be uploaded online from the 18th March until 5pm Friday 19th April. You may also provide us your list on a USB from 2pm Friday through to 9am on Saturday at the venue, during operating hours.
Only our spreadsheet can be uploaded, a CSV file won’t work.

    Step 1.

  • Download the spreadsheet form above (SSG BnB Rego Form.xlsx) and update;
  • Make sure to read the instructions provided within the form to ensure there are no issues when uploading
    Step 2.

  • Upload the Seller form file below using the ‘Upload Seller Form’ button, entering your name, email address, postcode, and phone number in the fields provided
  • Once processed, we will send you a confirmation email, including labels for each of your items. If there is an issue with the Seller form, we will send you an email with details of the issue
  • Please note that the with our new system the form does not process right away so you will need to wait until the evening to receive your labels
    Seller Form Updates and Amendments

  • If you need to make any changes to or update your original list just upload another Seller List and follow the steps above.

Uploading Seller Lists is currently closed. Please bring your Seller List on a USB to ShireCon between 7:30am to 9:30am Saturday 20th April.
Seller forms upload is currently open

To upload your seller form, please enter your details below, select the file you wish to upload and press the upload button. We will send you a confirmation email soon.
Lists are processed to our system each night, we ask that you please wait up to 24hr for your item labels.
Seller lists can be uploaded online until 5pm Friday 19th April

    Uploading Seller Lists is not available at the moment. You will be able to upload on the 18th March.

      Barcodes and Labels

    • If you submit your items on-line we will send back to you barcodes and labels in a format that can be easily printed and fixed to items for sale. This will make it easier to read your item labels and speed up the sales process.
    • The barcode labels we provide will contain a bardcode, your seller code and item number, the price of the item for Saturday and Sunday, and approximately 30 words from the description. You can have a longer description, but only the first 30 or so characters will appear on these labels.
    • The barcodes labels are 3 columns by 7 rows and match the this Avery product. When you print the barcode, please make sure the barcode is readable.

    • To ensure efficiency and consistency, the B&B only accepts our labels on items, these are generated and supplied to you when you upload your seller list.
    • Labels other than those supplied by the B&B may be accepted at the discretion of the B&B Organiser.
    • Labels should be of a size that are easy to see and can be securely fixed to the item or its packaging. Self-adhesive labels are good and extra security can be obtained by tapping over them with sticky tape.
    • Labels can be placed on the item or inside the packaging, making it harder for the label to come off.
    • Items for sale need to be clearly labelled. The label consists of a Sellers Code, an Item number and a price. The Sellers code MUST be SIX letters (e.g. your initials) and use the same letters for all your items. Each item must have its own unique item number and when pricing items use whole dollars only, no cents. No item less than $2.00 will be accepted.
    • Just remember, we can not sell an item without a label!
    • Additional information like a description of the item is also recommended.

    • If we can’t read it we can’t and won’t sell it. We don’t have the time to decipher somebodies hand writing.
    • Recommend that all labels and accompanying information is printed in a reasonable sized font.
      Sellers Form

    • Complete the Sellers form with your own details and a contact number and email address that you will regularly check (again legibly record details).
    • Record each item’s details on the form.
    • Recommend electronic registration.

    • Individual items - vary from large items (e.g. a board game), a collection of figures as part of an army or force to a variety of smaller sized individual items.
    • When packaging items please remember that some people will want to inspect the contents before purchasing, so wrapping these items in a `clear’ film is recommended for example glad wrap or even zip lock bags.
    • If packaging smaller items for e.g. individual miniatures use oversized zip-lock bags and place a backing card inside the bag, this increases the size of the item making it harder to lose and easier to find if not sold.
    • Extra security can be added to Zip-lock bags by stapling the open edges closed.
    • Items will be picked up and put down multiple times, make sure you take this into account when packing items. This is especially important for large lots of figures which if not secured properly will rattle and roll around when handled and moved.
    • Group lot sales for example box lots of books and miniatures need to be secured so that they remain a job lot and labelled correctly that they are sold as a job lot.
      Inspection of Contents

    • Clear packaging and a good description of an item or contents may negate the need to inspect the item prior to sale. As part of the description include if the contents are complete and or missing items etc.
    • The Seller must clearly label any item that they do not want to be opened for inspection, items so marked will not be opened by staff, a verbal instruction is not sufficient it must be clearly described as such on the item.
      Filling Out The Form

    • The Rego form contains instructions on the first page. Please make sure you read and follow the instructions correctly to ensure there are no issues when uploading your file.
    • To assist with filling out the SKU for the Item List, as this is a spreadsheet, when you enter in your first item code, e.g. JDOSSG1, you can then select the cell and drag the small square on the bottom right of that sell down and it will prefill that code for you on the following lines
    • An image of the instructions is provided here as well;

    Date Time Sales Deliveries Payouts
    Saturday 20th Apr 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM Cross Tick Cross
    9:30 AM – 5:00 PM Tick Tick Tick
    Sunday 21st Apr 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Tick Tick Tick

    By placing goods for sale in this second hand stall, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

    1. This second hand stall is conducted by the Sutherland Shire Gamers, which is an activity of the Sylvania Heights Community and Youth Centre Inc.
    2. The stall is conducted by volunteers for the good of the hobby.
    3. The stall is not a business and is not trade or commerce.
    4. The stall is not conducted by a second hand dealer within the meaning of the Pawnbrokers and Second Hand Dealers Act 1996 (NSW).
    5. These terms are intended to deal with all matters that would otherwise be dealt with by the Uncollected Goods Act 1995 (NSW).
    6. Your goods will be placed on display for sale to members of the public. The operators of the stall have a limited ability to monitor closely the conduct of all customers of the stall. The goods are being sold on an “as is” basis. To your benefit, that means that no requests for refunds will be entertained. To your potential risk, that means that the goods are to some extent, available for inspection by customers.
    7. Your goods will be accounted for in the following ways:
      1. Any goods not sold will be returned to you.
      2. Any goods sold will have the purchase price paid to you, less 12% by way of commission to the Sutherland Shire Gamers.
    8. While best endeavours will be exercised by the Sutherland Shire Gamers with respect to your goods, if they are neither accounted for as sold nor able to be located, the Sutherland Shire Gamers will not bear any liability for that loss. In those circumstances, you will not be paid or have your goods returned to you.
    9. Any disputes as to the return of goods or payment for goods placed for sale are to be raised no later than 1pm on 21st April 2024. After that time no claim of loss will be maintainable by you against any person.
    10. Any goods not collected will not be retained by the Sutherland Shire Gamers.
    11. Any monies not collected will be retained by the Sutherland Shire for a period of thirty days. Any inquiries as to retained funds can be directed to Sutherland Shire Gamers. Sellers will be notified of any monies that are being retained and asked to provide banking details to facilitate the transfer of any monies held. If at the end of the thirty day period the monies have neither been collected nor been the subject of a concluded agreement for them to be transferred or collected, those monies are forfeited to the Sutherland Shire Gamers absolutely, and will not thereafter be the subject of any claim or trust. It is agreed that the forfeiture of the funds reflects a mutual and reasonable estimate of the costs incurred in retaining them for collection for the thirty day period.

    Labelling, Pricing and Packaging Requirements for Sellers

    Items for sale need to be packed for display and clearly labelled with your seller code and item number (e.g. your initials or some other combination of letters) for example JDOSSG1, JDOSSG2, along with the price. Each item’s details are to be recorded on the item form.

    We reserve the right not to accept forms other than this design.

    • When pricing items please use whole dollars only, no cents.
    • The Sutherland Shire Gamers will not accept any item priced at less than $2.00 and reserves the right not to accept any item.
    • No ‘Box Lots’ of loose items, books etc. Please ensure that if you bring a box of items it is either sealed or each item is individually marked.


    • No early payouts on Saturday, early payouts at the discretion of staff.
    • Any disputes or claims of missing items MUST be made at time of pickup. It is your responsibility to check that you have collected all of your unsold items.

    Here are some of the usual questions we get …

    What sort of stuff can I sell?
    Pretty much anything gaming related, collectibles, or the components of such items. For example, entire armies, individual models, board games, tokens and cards.

    What sort of stuff can I NOT sell?
    We reserve the right to not allow items for sale particularly if they are not game related, unsafe (or illegal). If in doubt, contact the Sutherland Shire Gamers.. to confirm if its ok.

    Are there any costs to selling stuff?
    There is no cost when placing items for sale, although the Club collects 12% of all sales.

    Where can I find it?
    The location of the Bring & Buy may vary depending on the event its location will be clearly signed posted and promoted on our webpage and Facebook group.

    Can I bring bags into the Bring & Buy?
    NO BAGS of any type including and not restricted to Backpacks, Shopping bags and plastic bags that have any contents in them are allowed inside the bring and buy stall. Bags may be left at your own risk at the entrance of the Bring and Buy Stall OR you can make other arrangements.

    Can I haggle?
    No, there’s no haggling. Prices are fixed.

    Can I reserve items?
    No, we don’t reserve items.

    Can I submit my Seller lists electronically?
    Yes, you can. Go to the Upload Seller Forms button above.

    Access to display area when dropping off items
    There will be no public access to the display area during drop off and delivery times, it is strictly Staff only.

    Sellers and their boxes
    We can no longer store (under the tables or elsewhere) empty boxes or containers that are not required for the immediate display of items for sale. Containers used to display items will be allowed to remain and then so at the risk of the owner. Emptied boxes/containers may be disposed of during the event and any uncollected boxes or containers will be disposed of at the end of the event.

    Can I mark down my prices?
    Yes, generally during quiet periods. You need to update the form as well as the price on the items. See staff on the day.

    When do I get my money and pick up unsold items? See our operating times.
    Be warned – the place you left your items will more than likely NOT be the place where you’ll find them.

    How do I buy stuff?
    You can pay by Cash or by a Credit/Debit card (although these transactions incur a 1.9% transaction fee).

    Anything else you need to know? If you have further questions, you can email the Sutherland Shire Gamers.

    With our events (MOAB & Shire Con) we use participants details for Official Convention use only and only hold these details until the end of the event then they are deleted.

    Trader details are kept for future reference but only include emails, names and phone numbers.

    Seller details needed for the Bring and Buy (MOAB & ShireCon) and the Second-Hand Stall (CanCon) are collected and only used for Official purposes which includes creating a vendor account on ConsignCloud. The financial details are not supplied to ConsignCloud.

    The financial details supplied by Sellers are kept by us for approximately 3 months, this allows us to follow up any outstanding matters, and are then deleted. Other information collected such as name and email address are kept for future reference.

    Any information collected is for Official use only and with the exception of ConsignCloud is not shared with others.